The Erotic Dominance Intensive For Professionals


This powerful and intimate three full-day workshop is for women with personal interest and experience in BDSM who want to hone their techniques and their very own style in the realm of Professional Dominance. The Intensive aims to integrate heart, spirit and erotic power with refined techniques to not only improve play skills, but also to help the participants experience BDSM as a path of empowerment. You will gain a deeper understanding of fetishes and appreciation of the beauty of kinky sexuality.

Who This Course is For

You may already be a Professional Mistress and wish to acquire new skills and refresh your style. Or you may be a private player wanting to become a Professional Domina. In three days of intimate seminars and powerful workshops, you will learn much, not only from the course material but also from the combined experience of the other participants.


This course consists of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises and real time scenes. Volunteer male submissives for the guided play practice will be provided by the Academy of SM Arts. Seminar and Q/A time has been allotted for each subject area. A very comprehensive workbook (100+ pages) is provided.


Major Subject Areas

Major subject areas covered in The Professional Course include The Psychology of BDSM, The Physicality of BDSM, and The Business of BDSM. We will focus on finding your professional Dominant Persona, plus:

* Scene dynamics: developing the scene, making it work, and what to do if it doesn’t
* Understanding fetishes and how to use them as a Domina
* Expanding limits: yours and your client’s
* Boundaries and ethics
* Legalities, taxes and other mundane aspects of being a Professional Domina.

This course is only offered once per year.

Summer 2009
Limited to 9 Women
Tuition: $800

Instructors: Cléo Dubois and Eve Minax

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