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The Queer Sci-Fi Sex Romp, Dominatrix-Waitrix

· Dominatrix Waitrix is a video featurette inspired by frustrations with the service industry and the power imbalance between owners and managers, managers and servers, servers and customers. It is fueled by revenge fantasies, and the transformations of these fantasies into a reversal of power play for sexual pleasure...

DVD available for purchase.

Dominatrix Waitrix premiered at NYC's Cinekink and Cinneffable in Paris. It also screened at the Lesbigay filmfest in London in April 2005.

Horror, Vampires, Lesbians, Oh my! Night Fangs
Night Fangs is now being distributed by Warner Brothers, and is available on Netflix

·The film Night Fangs, featuring Eve Minax, directed by Ricardo Islas and released in October 2005 premiered at the Chicago Horror Film Festival and is available for purchase from most worldwide vendors, including, netflix and the like. Also, Night Fangs will be screening at the Chicago Latino Film Festival on May 3rd and 4th, 2006 at The Landmark's Century Centre Cinema. Check the site for more details.

Amateur Production: Mommy's Bedtime Game

· Little Liliah wants to stay up and play all night. Luckily she has a strict Mommy to tuck her in, but Lilah doesn't want to be tucked in, she wants to tickle Mommy, and Mommy simply won't have it. Starring Ms. Eve Minax and Little Liliah, Mommy's Bedtime Game exposes Domestic Tickle Torture at its best. To purchase single clips from this video, or download the entire 30 minutes please click here.

-- "A splendid production, beautifully sensual and very strict. Whether are an aficionado of tickle torture or not, I strongly recommend this DVD."

-Paige Harrison, The Art of Female Dominance

Shave and a Haircut, Bald is Beautiful...

· An amateur release straight from the living room of the Mistress herself!
The Mistress had the pleasure of shaving the head of a gorgeous devotee over summer 2005, and in turn was shaved herself... and yes dear readers, the act was documented. Shave and a Haircut is a 22 minute documentation of a single afternoon occupied by shaving cream, razors, clippers and two willing female heads. Highly focused on the erotic act of shaving and how it serves as a kinky and sensual exchange between women, Shave and a Haircut seeks simply to explore and exploit this act. If you haven't experienced the eroticism of shaving, welcome.

You can purchase a clip of Shave and a Haircut by clicking here.

Erotic Awards winners, Libido Films Presents: Trial Run

· A sensually sexy tail of a woman's penchant for online dating... What hoops must her lusty young candidate jump through to proves his worth? Starring Eve Minax, amongst others, in clown sex, dance number orgies, and a dungeon interrogation scene. Finalists for "Film of the Year" at the 10th Annual Erotic Awards in London, and the winner of the Erotic Film Awards "Best Film 2000, the Producers at Libido have scheduled Trial Run to be premiered and distributed during the summer of 2006. Read about Trial Run on AVN



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