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Dearest Diary,

Well, spring has begun to spring in Chicago. The days are sunny and somewhat cool. People seem to be getting friskier and more frolicsome. I know I have just completed a weekend of debauchery and decadence with my dear comrade (and former circus partner) Kitty Kat; wherein we attended the Sex Worker Outreach Project benefit party at Spot 6 on Friday night. It was hosted by the ever glamorous Betty Devoe and deviously delicious Katrina Von Dre. It was quite a vaudevillian caberet of hedonistic pleasures. On Sunday afternoon, the spunky women from the Girlie Q Variety Hour had a saucy benefit party to raise funds for their ever so talented monthly burlesque show. One of these days I shall also perform for them when I can allow my other half Ravenous Gorge to present herself more frequently in public. Speaking of which, FleshTones Burlesque group will be presenting a wonderful caberet on April 28th hosted by the ever-so-talented Jessica Halem, and featuring The, still stunning after all these years, Satan’s Angel….

In case you didn’t know, burlesque is making a fabulous comeback. Chicago is one of the central cities for its revival. Further, burlesque has a direct relationship with domination in that these women are directing people’s energies, attentions and desire in ways that only sublimely erotically empowered women can do. So, get out there and support the amazing people putting together burlesque shows in Chicago (or wherever you are).

Obviously, I am back from an amazing trip to San Francisco & LA and gearing up for my next trip to the same two cities at the end of the month. The first leg of my trip was spent at The Cleo Dubois Academy of SM-Arts instructing the most recent group of students on becoming more connected and erotically empowered with their partners. As always it was a terrific course with amazing energy and even I learned a new thing or two. The next Erotic Dominance Intensive will be taught in San Francisco during the weekend of May 4th-6th and will be geared towards female private players. Enrollment is closed; but, if you are interested please simply inquire. Oh and one more thing-don’t forget we are bringing the Erotic Dominance Intensive for professionals to Chicago in August. This Intensive will focus on women who are either interested in becoming professional dominants or professional dominants who would like to revitalize their work and/or seek out more spiritual camaraderie amongst their fellow professionals.

The last leg of my trip was spent in LA where I was representing the Leather Archives and Museum showcasing an exhibit on the history of the professional dominant or “dominatrix”. I also presented a roundtable discussion on the same said subject. Besides being there as a conduit to the history of the profession I also helped create a little more history, simultaneously engaging with a number of fellow professionals and players from all over the US and the world: namely, Mistress Cyan who is LA based is the creator of [DomCon](http://www.domconla.com} Atlanta & LA, Insatiable Amazon of Atlanta, GA, Mistress Precious of Houston, Mistress Karen Martin who authored How to Capture a Mistress, Mistress Brianna of the DC area; Mistress Anna Valentina of LA; and several others whom I regret not having enough time to reference right now.

Although I have had the pleasure of meeting her in the past (and participating in a few of her workshops) I also had the distinct pleasure of playing with one of Irene Boss’s slaves (Monty) which was subsequently recorded for posterity by MIB Productions for a future DVD she will be producing called “Deep Play”; Mistresses playing with submissives in an authentic realtime fashion. Ms. Boss and I got on so well there is talk of a future feature length production starring myself!

I also had a great time visiting Steen who was manning the vac bed exhibit. I will be procuring a new vac bed by the end of May, for sure. I also met the ever talented photographer Michael Diamond who took a number of lovely images over the weekend including some of me tormenting my special rubber dolly slut, who wasn’t really wearing rubber at all, but was still fun to torment.

WhypDancer also delighted me with her adorable personality not to mention her amazing handmade, guaranteed-for-life canes which I highly recommend if you’re in the market or as a gift for me…why not?

There are many events coming up in Chicago including ShibariCon and IML. More on those later, but let me say for now that DVNTDom and Miss Jaded, who will be presenting at ShibariCon and also run a monthly bondage group called NawaShibari, gave a tremendous presentation at the last private event at Minax Towers. If you are at all interested in rope bondage, you most certainly will want to check out their monthly gatherings.

As usual I leave you with more than a thimbleful of information, Dear Diary and no poem at the moment but dare I say I have a song in my heart and deviant thoughts in mind …

Xoxo, Minax

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