Five Sexy Kinky Gift Ideas!

Who doesn’t love a sexy gift? Whatever the reason, be it holiday, birthday, or just because, sexy gifts can bring laughter, joy, pleasure, intimacy, knowledge and power. And what’s more sexy than power? Ideas!

People often ask me what my favorite sexy gifts are,-  and I have many many options at my disposal. As I was pulling together my kinky gift list for a friend this year, I realized it has become much more comprehensive over time From a range of prices to areas of interest, (within sexy), there are lost of options. Keep this list handy, feel free to share. I trust you’ll find the appropriate gift for your loved one(s).

Oh, and by the way, some of these links will pay me back, so you’ll be gifting me as well!

1. Gift Books and Games

Sex Cards

It is possible to talk about sex the way foodies talk about food, with great detail and delight? Anyone can learn to be more comfortable on this terrain, it just takes practice. Part of the mission for these cards is to provide a fun way to talk about sex, not only between lovers, but between friends and groups of friends too. We are sexual beings all the time, whether or not we have a partner(s) at any given time. Have fun and be curious!


Bondassage Book

Jaeleen Bennis created this sexy sequence for lovers and I helped her write the book. In it you’ll learn basic massage and bondage techniques, with tons of information on sensory play. There are lots of practice exercises also!

2. Gift Toys


My favorite strap-on “less” toy. So comfy! You attach one of the insertables in you and the more dildo shaped piece acts for the receiver’s pleasure. In a word, once in place, the wearer/giver can squat, walk, lie, even dance and the Injoyus will not fall out. Honestly, having mutual sexual pleasure with your partner from the inside out is quite like nothing else available to us on earth, only fantasies!

I love mine so much I’ve named her Francis. Yep, our relationship is that special, and if you would like to own one go HERE and be sure to put in EVE1 for 10% off.  It’s 100 per cent fully refundable too. Here’s to a world where the Injoyus becomes a widely used pleasure device within the expansive world of sex and exploration!

For a more in depth review, go here…


If you want to create a combo pleasure gift of two pieces, here are two of my favorites:

The Betty Dodson Vaginal Barbell combined with the Hitachi Magic Wand are the BEST!

Although the barbell says “vaginal”, it actually works amazingly well on the prostate and anally for women also. Easy to clean, sterilizable, lasts for life, it’s worth every cent and then some too.
Pair it with the Hitachi Magic Wand for buzz, buzz and you’re set for life for around $200!

OR if you are maybe a bit more greedy, my absolute favorite girthy and lengthy toy is the

Eleven  made by N’Joy Toys

Eleven inches long and weighing over just over 2lbs….you’ll feel it and it doubles as a workout toy!|njoy%2Beleven|a|1|c|0|-relevance|search_page|0

My other favorite insertable The Ass Hammer is just as versatile as the Eleven, but oh, so much lighter in weight. Once in, it stays in beautifully!

3. Choose Your Own Gift! Perhaps my suggestions are not quite what you’re looking for? Then go to one of these sites for your pleasure…gift cards available also:)

toys, toys, and lingerie!

Good Vibrations

Gears, Toys, Latex, more…


Gears, Toys, Furniture, more…

Mr S


4. Porn Gifts

Maybe a little streaming time for you and/or your partner?

I’ve been making my own videos for years, Mistress Minax FemDomme porn delights!

Or you may not know I did a great series with Pink and White Productions?

Perhaps rubber and crossdressing works for you? Works for me! I love the shoots I’ve done with Alice In Bondageland.  You will too!

5. Educational Gifts


Education you say? Learn from Me and Many Many Others anytime anywhere!

Kink Academy

Study with Me Live in the Flesh!

One on one for Dominatrix Training

Bondassage Training Training

Group Study

Want to Become a More Confident Skillful Dominant? Or Maybe You and/or Your Partner Want More Depth to Their Dominance? Erotic Dominance Intensive with Me and Cléo Dubois, sixteen years and counting. Next one in February but selling out. Enroll now!

Whatever your propensities, any of the above are sure to please. I hope these options have opened your mind and piqued your  curiosity!


Who’s Your Daddy? The Womanizer Review

Who’s Your Daddy? The Womanizer

There’s a hot new vibrator on the streets and rumor has it, she’s a a beauty, so you know I had to get me one. I met her with the help of the wonderful folks at Good Vibrations

We had our first date on a quiet afternoon this month, and have revisited each other a couple times since. She’s even hung out with a couple of my friends so that we could all weigh in on our opinions.

Lightweight, quiet, usb chargeable, comes with a carry case, choice of of colors/patterns,  and she also sports a little bling! What more could you ask? Perhaps a better name. Yes, my chief complaint about the “Womanizer” is the name. Ugh. I mean really, when I could joyfully talk about the wonders of my “Magic Wand” why in feminist new world tarnation would I say “The Womanizer”? Perhaps because she is simply a swelligant device that executes exquisitely, even on an ol’ jaded vibrator snob like me?

Here are some of her features in detail:

Fun selection of colors/designs. I, of course, chose the black leopard.
The secret is in her silicone removable/replaceable sucker/attachment (wish it were black).
Lightweight and easy to use.
Quiet. Other reviewers have noted The Womanizer to be noisy. I suppose when your magic wand sounds like a small plane landing on a rocky runway, (did I mention it’s time for a new one?), any vibrator could sound quiet(er), so I think you should know where my comparative analysis comes from.
Sweet zip around carry case – but pink, really? Uh yeah.

Pulling her out of the box, I thought to myself she might be too lightweight for such a heavy hitter as I, but woah ho ho, I was deceived! That cunning little minx had me off in no time! In fact, it was so fast I was almost disappointed. Honestly I was left a little wanting and had to have more, so I used her again and again. She gave me a pretty sweet ride, especially once I got going. Now what about this sucking sensation of which everyone speaks? I get it and I got it, but it was nowhere near a sucking action like a mouth would do. More so the cup wraps around the clit and creates a type of suction. So for me, suction is more accurate than sucking. If The Womanizer had a sucking option to boot, I’d marry her! Another interesting tidbit, I have a clit hood piercing that can feel really awesome during sexual activity or it can get in the way. Guess what happens with The Womanizer? It gets in the way. The good news is that it causes a great tease, so that the straight shooting action gets deferred, which also appeals to my sense of tease and denial.

Speaking of tease and denial, why not use The Womanizer for other things besides the clit? I love it on my nipples, (with or without the piercings) and would definitely try it out on a frenulum. Finally, I also recommend this device for someone who wants to bind their subject and make her cum over and over again.


Anyone out there remember the Wahl 7 in 1?

Check out the latest Wahl Massagers at Amazon

So called for its seven different attachments, it is the preferred vibrator of some of my friends, (of all genders), who require more direct stimulation. The 7 in 1 has super intense direct vibration, particularly with the attachments that are less dispersed (you know the two, the one that looks like a finger and the one that looks like a sucker!). If you are one of these people, The Womanizer will either become your new best friend because it is so much lighter weight and amazingly quieter, (trust me on this one). But will it pack the vibrational wallop you might require? I’d like to find out.

Finally, fully charged, The Womanizer is supposed to last a full 90 minutes. Unfortunately, I did not quite find that to be the case. She mysteriously lost her buzz on both me and my submissive ham on two separate and inexplicable occasions and would not seem to take the charge again. After a weeklong respite, she seems back in the saddle and working just fine. I just lent her out to two of my naughty puss friends for a full check up. I’ll give an update as soon as they give me feedback. All in all, I like the toy with the not so great name and would highly recommend her. Clits up Womanizer!


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